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Elissa Lan Murray

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about me

Words + design. As a content designer and editor, I create seamless product journeys that help users get things done. With a background in journalism and tech, I’m skilled at simplifying complex information, working collaboratively, and crafting engaging, inclusive, and error-free copy.

Elissa Lan Murray

Content designer

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Previously at social media platform Nextdoor, media tech startup Hoodline, and Pulitzer Prize-winning newspapers.

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Content designer

Writer + Editor




New product rolled out in fall 2022 focused on lightweight, hyperlocal gatherings that bring small groups of people together.


Wrote copy for event creation, invites, RSVPs, coachmarks, and other in-product surfaces. Optimized event discoverability with customized emails for hosts and guests. Created logic for in-app and push notifications.


Post Insights

Posters are able to see the total views per post and receive immediate feedback that their post is being viewed.


Inspired future post creation by providing users with tips on how to get more views. Revised research survey to determine the most appealing color commentary. Wrote all in-app copy.



Users are recognized for their contributions with awards that can be displayed on their profile.


Assisted in naming awards, developing value propositions, and creating principles for attainability and scalability. Wrote award descriptions and other in-app copy.


#SummerFun email (top center), Nextdoor anniversary announcement and modal for new Discover feature (top right), coachmarks for new agency composer (bottom).

Local stories

In-app prompts

Post inspiration

Neighbor Month campaign

This campaign highlighted how neighbors around the country have built deeper connections and a sense of belonging with those nearby. The posts and prompts inspired them to do the same in their own neighborhoods.



Content leader with expertise in UX writing, content design, and editorial strategy. Creates elegant digital content solutions that put consumers’ needs at the forefront of product development. Experience with Figma, Looker, Coda, Jira, and Databricks.

Content designer and strategist

Nextdoor, San Francisco, 8/19 – 1/23

  • Wrote, tested, and refined UX content across the product to ensure clarity, a consistent brand voice, and an intuitive, user-friendly experience.
  • Collaborated with product managers, designers, engineers, and marketing for roadmap planning, feature development, and GTM strategy.
  • Led the creation of a weekly events digest email, resulting in a 46% open rate and 10% click-through rate (CTR), which was over three times higher than similar emails.
  • Contributed to ever-evolving in-house stylebook and standards.

Lead editor

Hoodline, San Francisco, 3/18 – 8/19

  • Managed and mentored two dozen remote freelance editors who produced semi-automated stories that were syndicated across the country by local media outlets.
  • Edited stories and tracked and reported metrics, including areas for improvement, positive trends, and whether goals were met.

Senior copy editor

Akron Beacon Journal, Akron, Ohio 12/04 – 4/17

  • Edited stories for spelling, grammar, and accuracy for print and online.
  • Wrote compelling headlines, breaking-news items, and photo captions in a deadline-driven environment.
  • Named best in Ohio for headline writing by the Cleveland Press Club and awarded the Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism for editing a series about economic challenges.

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Email: elissalan@gmail.com | Phone: 586-321-5553 | LinkedIn

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